Non-Emergency Numbers

Call Non-Emergency Numbers if :

  • You need a police report for insurance.
  • You need to report any incident that doesn't endanger life or property.
  • You need to report any incident that occurred prior.

NEVER Call the Non-Emergency Numbers to :

  • Report an emergency (use 911 instead) .
  • Ask for information of any kind.
  • See if it works.

Incoming Non-Emergency Numbers

These are the numbers you call in Stanislaus County for anything that is NOT life-threatening, property-threatening, or in progress.

Law Enforcement

Dispatch Center:
Modesto 552-2470
Hughson 552-2472
Patterson 800-273-4911
Riverbank 552-2472
Sheriff 552-2468
Waterford 552-2472
West County (Sheriff) 800-273-4911
Cell Phone 911 558-HELP
Ceres Public Safety 538-5712
Escalon Police Department 838-7093
Gustine Police Department 854-1010
Hughson Police Department 883-4052
Modesto Police Department 572-9500
Oakdale Police Department 847-2231
Riverbank Sheriff's Substation 869-7162
Turlock Police Department 668-1200

Fire Response

Dispatch Center:
West County 800-273-4911
All other areas 552-2474
Burbank-Paradise Fire District 523-1129
Ceres Fire Department 538-5702
Denair Fire District 632-5032
Escalon Fire Department 838-7500
Gustine Fire Department 854-6804
Hughson Fire Department 883-2863
Keyes Fire District 634-7690
Modesto Fire Department 572-9590
Mountain View Fire District 634-4766
Oakdale City Fire Department 847-5904
Oakdale Rural Fire Department 847-6898
Salida Fire Department 545-0365
Consolidated Fire District
(includes Empire, La Grange, Riverbank, Waterford)
Turlock City Fire Department 668-5580
Turlock Rural Fire District 632-3953
Westport Fire District 537-1391
West Stanislaus Fire District
(Includes Crows Landing, El Soyo, Newman, Patterson, Westley)
Woodland Avenue Fire District 524-4239

After Hours Public Works and Roads

Modesto Public Works 342-2246
County Roads 525-7916